Hot Stone Massage Service

Hot Stone Massage Therapist in Maryland

The action of hot stones acts on the tendons, muscles, ligaments as well as internal organs. When using heat, blood, lymph and other fluids are increased, promoting the elimination of toxins and improvement of the circulatory and lymphatic systems. Other benefits that can be observed are: aid in the relief of menstrual cramps, detoxification, reduction of physical as well as emotional stress, and reduction of tiredness, relief of muscle or joint pain, promotion of relaxation, help in the balance of depressive states and in cases insomnia. 

Several massage maneuvers can be associated, offering the individual deep relaxation and an energetic connection with the aid of aromas, music, touches and decompression of the tensions present in the body. Combating stress, controlling depressive states, muscle relaxation, increasing self-esteem, increasing awareness and facilitating concentration and meditation are some of the benefits of this hot stone technique.

Relaxation massage, where basalt hot stones are utilized that are warmed and set on specific purposes of the body. Conventional hand massage is joined with the position of hot stones to expand blood and lymphatic vessels and animate flow.

The warmth of the stones enters the muscles giving incredible relaxation and calming determined muscle throbs.

The Treatment Actuates Deep Relaxation And Brings Numerous Advantages

  • Helps to improve constant agony
  • Detoxifies the body
  • Helps back and neck inconvenience
  • Reduce stress
  • Helps torment in the spine
  • Stimulates physiological cycles, for example, absorption and breath
  • Stimulates blood course

The hot stone massages enjoy wide popularity around the world, this is not something new, because it is a centuries – old practice which originated in oriental medicine. According to the basic principles of this type of massage, the human body has seven channels through which vital energy circulates (the famous chakras), according to this philosophy, each of them connects with different areas and systems of the body. Now, following the approach of this type of treatment, the placement of hot stone in these areas can help reduce stress, improve ailments, and benefit circulation, among many other benefits.