Sports Massage

Sports Massage Therapist in Maryland

Our sports massage service aims to provide relief from muscle pain often caused by constant stress, repetitive movements, posture problems or overloads. These habits, if not taken care of, can be very harmful, causing, in the long term, illnesses and body malaise in general. 

Thinking about these pains and avoiding some diseases and malaise, the relaxing massage becomes a tool that helps the well-being of the client, since our massage experts can, through it, raise the temperature in the region to be treated, increasing blood flow, eliminating dead cells, increasing elasticity and the capacity of muscle contraction, and in this way, reducing the tension produced by the nerves and fighting insomnia. 

Relief and comfort in the most affected regions, such as the spine, lumbar area, legs, come from the different maneuvers, techniques and specific pressures performed during this massage.

It is the manual physical implies that gets the competitor improve performance and forestall wounds. Sports massage comprises of a progression of moves that are carried out as a strategy for groundwork for the tissues, just as for the treatment of the tissues after rivalry and for the control of the tissues between each game action.

The Sports Massage Includes...

  • Optimize muscle performance
  • Prevent wounds
  • Find wounds
  • Support in the treatment of wounds
  • Fight fatigue
  • Increase work limit

This type of massage works through activating circulation of fluids, quickening the removal of waste, toxins as well as other waste materials, and increasing oxygenation of muscles.

The athlete requires that his body is at its maximum to choose to win in a sports activity, sports massage, it is at this point of great utility to achieve, apart from the therapeutic effect, the contribution of confidence and security that every athlete needs to win a test. But, for this, the massage must be performed by a professional in the science of Physical Therapy.

Stages of Sports Massage

Preparatory or Pre competitive:

  • It takes place between 6- 24 hrs. Or 15 minutes before the activity.
  • Use techniques of: Rubbing and Friction
  • It’s fast and strong
  • It lasts 5 minutes in each zone.
  • Sliding media in sports massage