All About The Prenatal Massage

To avoid any misunderstanding or misinterpretation, we must state clearly from the start. that there is no overt action on the infant during pregnancy massage operations, and no abdominal maneuvers are performed. The stated goal of prenatal massage is to make pregnancy simpler and healthier for the mother.

Since most pregnant women do not feel comfortable lying face down on their stomachs, the massage would be performed by putting the pregnant woman on one hand. There are special tables with recesses for the belly and breast section, and pillows are used to lift specific areas, but we agree that the weight cannot be uniformly spread over areas other than the belly, and that it is therefore better for the pregnant woman to lie on her side.

The Prenatal Massage

What Is The Purpose Of Massage During Pregnancy?

Although there has been a lot of talk about prenatal massage recently, it is not widely used. Future mothers are still unaware of this type of relaxation, and doctors rarely suggest it to mothers. It’s a shame since prenatal massages have many advantages for both mother and kid.

What Is The Definition Of Prenatal Massage?

Prenatal massage (pregnancy) is a form of massage that is specifically designed for pregnant women aged 3 and up. and I’m in my eighth month of pregnancy. This is the best and most stable time for this form of relaxation in a healthy pregnancy.

Prenatal massage is both soothing and beneficial to the mother’s wellbeing. It varies from traditional massage in many ways, including the positioning (safe and comfortable) and the technique used. Prenatal massage uses soft movements rather than abrupt and firm movements that could interrupt the pregnancy.

If done by a professional, prenatal massage has a health-promoting impact. It decreases limb swelling, prevents varicose veins and stretch marks, enhances skin appearance, and controls blood pressure. It also has a beneficial effect on a variety of processes in the mother’s body. Benefits the endocrine,respiratory,  lymphatic, and excretory systems by improving blood circulation.

Massages strengthen the condition of the muscles and reduce the occurrence of painful pregnancy symptoms such as back and leg pain. Pregnant women who receive massages are also well prepared for labour and delivery. Massage helps people become more conscious of their own bodies and relieves labour pains.

Moms heal and rebuild their bodies more quickly after childbirth. Prenatal massages may also be used after the baby is born to help with recovery from the pregnancy.

What Are The Risks Associated With Prenatal Massage?

Prenatal massage should not be viewed solely as a personal choice by the future mother. The condition is that the gynaecologist who is overseeing the pregnancy gives his or her permission. The following are contraindications to prenatal massage in a woman:

  1. bleeding from the genital tract in a high-risk pregnancy anaemia 
  2. issues with blood circulation
  3. hypertension is a condition in which the blood pressure
  4. pregnancy’s pathological conditions ( placenta previa )
  5. foetal abnormalities caused by pregnancy poisoning
  6. the possibility of a premature birth
  7. before surgery, low blood pressure
  8. several pregnancies

Prenatal Massage

Impact Of Prenatal Massage

The tension level decreases and the level of the pleasure hormone rise as a result of the massage. A properly massaged and moisturized pregnant body retains its elasticity and firmness, especially around the abdomen and breasts. Prenatal massage is not recommended for high-risk deliveries, menstrual bleeding, arterial hypertension, multi-fetal pregnancy, or any pathological pregnancy conditions.

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