Benefits And Contraindications Of Hot Stone Massage

Stone care, also known as stone therapy, has been used to treat a number of diseases since ancient times. The effect of temperature on our bodies, especially our blood vessels, is the basis for stone massage. There is a belief that stones will tell the body what it lacks.

The stone therapy treatment entails massaging with stones that have been heated and cooled to a specific temperature. Cold stones increase blood supply and metabolic processes, while hot stones relax muscles. Contrast massage benefits the body by alternating between cold and hot stones quickly. The effect of the stone’s contrast temperature on vascular tone is beneficial, reinforcing the vessel walls.

Hot Stone Massage

Massage with hot stones is very popular. In therapeutic massage with hot stones, volcanic stones are usually used. The truth is that these breeds should sustain the requisite temperature for longer periods of time; otherwise, therapy would have little impact.

It’s worth noting that stone therapy isn’t just about heating stones and applying them to various parts of the body. This is a whole field of research. It is important to understand how specific stones impact specific points on the body in order for such a massage to have an effect. The person performing the hot stone massage should have a lot of experience.

When Getting A Hot Stone Massage, What Do You Expect?

Classic massage techniques are used to prepare the muscle tissue of the body for the heated massage aspect of hot stone massage, also known as stone therapy.

The therapist massages the patient’s body with massage oil, which is typically an essential oil like lavender or sandalwood, which is also mixed with a carrier oil like grape oil or jojoba oil.

On the table, two rows of warm stones are usually put and covered with a towel. Then you lie down on the table, aligning the stones with the muscles that run along your spine.

Warm stones may also be laid on your feet, stomach, toes, palms of your hands, or forehead.

Heated Stones Are Used To Rub The Forehead

The therapist slides the stones over the muscles while keeping them in the palms of his or her hands, adding pressure and heat. He can massage the back, thighs, neck, and shoulders with traditional massage motions both when the stones are in place and after they are removed.

The Advantages Of Receiving A Hot Stone Massage

By stimulating metabolic pathways, hot stone massage aids in the removal of contaminants from the body.

The blood capillaries are heated as a result of the deep heating of the tissues. As a result, the blood circulates more quickly, and contaminants are washed out of stagnant areas.

Stone therapy sessions also encourage deep relaxation, calmness, and stress resistance.

Muscles are relaxed as a result of this massage, both in the areas where the stones come into contact with the body and across the body, including the face, smoothing fine wrinkles. As a result, another beneficial effect of stone therapy is aesthetic.

 Stone Massage

Hot stone massage balances hormones and rejuvenates cells, and a combination of hot and cold stones can help minimise cellulite.

Stone Therapy Contraindications

Since stones, both hot and cold, have an active effect on our bodies, this technique has both warnings and contraindications, which include:

  • Infectious diseases that are serious
  • internal organ and skin inflammatory processes
  • illness of the mind
  • cancerous diseases
  • expecting a child

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