Massage Therapy For Stress Relief

Stress Relief

Massage Therapy and Stress Relief: What You Need to Know. Stress! Whether we’re relocating to a new city or changing employment, there’s always a learning curve. It’s something we’ve all experienced at one time or another. Daily pressures are the problem, not one-off stressful events.

In honor of Stress relief Awareness Month, we’ve examined how stress affects your health and wellness, as well as strategies for dealing with it. Despite their many benefits, smartphones are leading to an increase in overwork and contact with external stresses. Like Twitter, Instagram, and other forms of social networking, even if we don’t consider stress particularly damaging, its consequences on our bodies and minds can be devastating.

Stress Relief

According To The Clinic, Stress Can Lead To:

  • Headaches
  • Fatigue
  • Anxiety About Sleep
  • Anxiety
  • Irritability
  • An inability to pay attention
  • Depression
  • Additionally, there is a feeling of unease.
  • Massage therapy is an effective treatment for people who are suffering from stress.

Because of these well-documented benefits, the number of people in the United States who receive massages is rising. The American Massage Therapy Association reported that 1 out of every 6 Americans sought massage therapy services in 2006. That number has unquestionably risen as more Americans turn to relaxation techniques to cope with their stress.

What Exactly Is The Mechanism Through Which Massage Therapy Relieves Stress?

Aside from the massage itself, there are other ways that massage therapy lowers stress. We get stress alleviation from the following sources:


Using aromatherapy in the home can help to relieve stress and provide a more pleasant atmosphere for everyone. Essential oils can be combined to create a variety of pleasant aromas to help you rest and unwind. 

Aromatherapy is used during your massage because of the significant relationship between the sense of smell and the brain. There are a variety of oils out there that have been shown to aid with relaxation and reduce tension.

Brings About A Sense Of Calm:

  • Reduces the agitation of hyperactive minds. 
  • It contains psychoactive ingredients that make you feel good.

Features as an antidepressant

  • Among other things, it has anti-inflammatory properties. The massage itself is another consideration. 

Stress Relief

Studies Have Indicated That Massage Treatment Provides Stress Relief And The Following Benefits:

Reduce the number of stress hormones in your body by 30% and boost levels of serotonin and dopamine by 28% and 21%. Massage treatment not only balances your hormones but also removes muscle stress. You tighten your muscles when you’re anxious, and you relax them when the stress is over. Constant tension, on the other hand, might cause your muscles to become chronically rigid.

If the problem persists, you may have joint discomfort, headaches, and neck pain. It is possible to loosen and relax sore muscle groups such as the shoulders thanks to the expert hands of our massage therapists. Our goal as massage therapists is to relax your muscle groups no matter what technique they use. In a world that is getting busier and more stressful every day, we all lead busy lives. However, it should not affect your overall well-being.

You’re blessed beyond measure, so stop hurting yourself and look for ways to unwind instead. Schedule a relaxing massage at Massage Service Maryland and let us help you melt away your stress. Please contact us at +1 (410) 929-5972

It’s A Tranquil Setting:

Massage treatment clinics aim to provide a relaxing environment for their clients. The use of dim lighting and soothing music helps you disengage from the outside world. Turn off your technology and the outside world so you can relax and be fully present in the moment. In addition to the calming atmosphere that we provide.

Aromatherapy is an optional service offered by Massage Service Maryland, to help you unwind and concentrate on healing. Because aromatherapy is so beneficial, we developed our own exclusive “Relax” blend using only natural ingredients. It was created with relaxation and stress reduction in mind. Active components include a combination of citrus oils (sweet orange), lavender, and ylang-ylang.

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